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10 top tips for first time buyers in London

For first time buyers in London, the house buying experience can seem daunting. With the…

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5 things to expect from your property valuation

If you’ve never had a property valuation before, it’s difficult to know what to expect…

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5 things you should know before getting a property survey

When preparing to buy a property one of the most valuable things you can do…

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How will the end of the Stamp Duty holiday affect the UK property market?

June 30th 2021 marked the end of the stamp duty holiday extension in the UK.…

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What does a Homebuyer Survey Report actually cover?

Buying a property requires a lot of knowledge to make an informed decision. Depending on…

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5 tips for buyers in a busy property market

Recent statistics show that the UK property market in 2021 is booming. Zoopla predicts that…

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What is a mortgage valuation and how do you get one?

If you intend to get a homebuyer report or building survey in addition to the…

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How will the government’s Budget 2021 help UK buyers?

The impact the pandemic has had on the residential property market in 2020 left UK…

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Why do I need a commercial property valuation?

Deciding to purchase a property for commercial or investment purposes is a big decision. Property…

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Should I buy or sell property in a recession?

Choosing to buy or sell a property is a big decision at the best of…

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