Residential Services

Additional Services

Expert Witness Report

We can provide expert advice to be used specifically in a legal case. If you are involved in a dispute relating to property, you may need an expert from the industry to give evidence on your behalf to support your case. Our Surveyors have acted as Expert Witnesses in court hearings and can prepare reports to be used in legal proceedings. We can advise you on the strength of your case. We can try and help resolve disputes before they escalate into expensive court action.

Snagging Report

Many people wrongly assume that a new-build residential property will be in a perfect condition and therefore they do not have the property surveyed. We can inspect the property for you and provide a detailed report highlighting any issues. If this report flags up specific defects, incomplete works or cosmetic problems, you can use this information to argue your point with the building contractors. The Report sets out exactly what you are entitled to expect from them and will help you to ensure that they rectify any problems. We can also monitor the builders’ progress to make sure they complete a thorough job in bringing any defects up to standard, and re-inspect once they have finished the work.